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CyberRisk Insurance – you probably have no Coverage . . .

. . . Commercial General Liability Policies, Commercial Crime Policies, Commercial Property Policies, Business Owner Protection Policies, Garage Liability Policies, Professional Liability Policies do not offer coverage or specifically exclude coverage.

Cyber attacks have become so commonplace in the daily news cycle and small businesses are vulnerable and often don’t have the resources to manage a “Breech” thus a cyber attack in many cases would cause the business to cease operations.


PAYROLL SERVICE– Your Password for payroll service is stolen, direct deposits are changed, fictitious employees are added.

ON-LINE BANKING– Your account is accessed and funds are transferred to a known crime organization in Estonia.

CLIENT/VENDOR ACCOUNTS– A major client requires you as a vendor to submit data to their system for payments. Access is gained first taking your receivables to a foreign bank, but later your access point is used to hack the client’s infrastructure resulting in the theft of thousands of dollars of receivables from other vendors to be sent to foreign banks.

AUTO REPAIR COMPUTERIZED EQUIPMENT– Your account is accessed and multiple software programs are downloaded resulting the vendor to shut your account and request payment for the purchases made. You are unable to repair vehicles for several days as you work out the details with your vendor and restore your account.

  • Liability claims involving the unauthorized release of information for which the organization has a legal obligation to keep private or confidential
  • Liability claims alleging failures of computer security that result in deletion/alteration of data, transmission of malicious code, denial of service . . .
  • Defense costs in State or Federal regulatory proceeding that involve violations of privacy laws

It is important that businesses understand the risks they have, including relevant statutory obligations as they choose to “self-insure” their risks or choose to purchase insurance coverage to aid in covering their risks.

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