Garage Keepers Insurance

 Garage Keepers Insurance

This is a specialized coverage designed for automotive businesses who work on vehicles that are owned by their customers. Garage Keepers Insurance protects a customer’s vehicle while it is being serviced or repaired or while it is being stored it for pick up.

What is the Difference Between Garage Liability Insurance & Garage Keepers Insurance?

Garage Liability Insurance covers damage to a customer’s car caused by the work you did or by the products you installed in the vehicle, where Garage Keepers Insurance covers the physical damage by fire, theft, vandalism or collision to the vehicle while it is being worked on or stored at your location for safekeeping and awaiting pickup by the customer.

Who Needs Garage Keepers Insurance?

If your business performs services, repairs or preventative maintenance on vehicles that are owned by customers whom pay for these services or have their insurance company pay for these services, then your business fits the profile of a business needing Garage Insurance. States, often have statutes or laws that state if you have a customer’s vehicle in your care, custody or control then you are legally liable for any damage caused to it and caused by it and business owners often purchase Garage Insurance to provide protection to their business and themselves as they comply with the state law.

General Automotive Repair Facilities or Auto Shops
Collision Repair Facilities or Body Shops
Tire Dealers or Tire Shops
Automotive Accessory Stores
Automotive Parts Stores or Auto Parts
Recycled Parts Dealers or Used Parts Dealers or Auto Salvage Yards
Transmission Shops or Tyranny Shops
Tow Companies or Tow Trucks
Franchised Auto Dealers or Car & Truck Dealerships
Independent Auto Dealers or Used Car Dealerships

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