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This article is part five of a six part series discussing how OSHA is Ahead for the automotive industry in Colorado and how businesses in the automotive industry can make sure that they are compliant when OSHA comes to perform an inspection.

We have previously discussed:

  • OSHA’s focus on making sure the Automotive Industry in Colorado is compliant
  • Identifying items that are subject to citation
  • How to the issue of OSHA Compliance and
  • The do it yourself approach to a safety plan.

This part will discuss how you can use your suppliers to help you become OSHA Compliant. The next part will discuss how you can use your safety plan to lower costs. For the previous articles in this series, click here

One source of free assistance in making sure you are compliant with OSHA regulations is OSHA itself. OASH provides assistance on line at no cost to the employer about who is covered by OSHA, employer responsibilities, information regarding not only how to be compliant but also how to go beyond compliant. In addition to advice on how to be OHSA compliant, OHSA’s website provides information on

  • The enforcement process,
  • Compliance training and
  • Information on how to contact OSHA with questions you have.

Another source of free assistance in meeting OSHA’s compliance standards are you vendors. For example:

  • Vendors of chemicals can supply you with Material Safety Data Sheets for your records.
  • Equipment vendors can come to your site and give a demonstration and safety training on how to properly operate your equipment
  • Your insurer can
    • Perform a loss control inspection that will identify safety issues and provide advice on how to address them.
    • They also may have workplace safety information online for their policyholders

You can also enlist the assistance of your broker to help you develop an effective safety plan that will enable you to be OSHA compliant, The AutoRisk team provides insurance brokerage services and has the expertise to provide you with consulting services related to OSHA compliance so that you can avoid the cost and complications of dealing with OSHA compliance issues. With OSHA Ahead in 2017, we can help you become compliant and have a successful inspection.

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