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OSHA–Colorado’s “Emphasis Program” generating fines and penalties within the automotive industry

PART TWO: How you can quickly identify areas in your business subject to immediate citations.
  • Use your current workers compensation provider to conduct an inspection
  • Request your current workers compensation provider to provide you a self-inspection checklist
  • Use an OSHA outreach program, available through Colorado State University
  • Go to the OSHA website and view recently issued citations and compare these areas to your business
  • Hire a safety and compliance consultant to conduct a facility inspection

AutoRisk is providing a Mini-Compliance Test you can use to conduct a self-inspection on your business which address some but not all common compliance area MINI-COMPLIANCE TEST

  • Part One: The Scope of the Occupational Health and Safety Administrations’ (OSHA) emphasis Program and historical to citation areas – published in March 2015
  • Part Two: How you can quickly identify areas in your business subject to immediate citations
  • Part Three: Simple steps you can take to prioritize and address and eliminate common non-compliant standards
  • Part Four: Resources you can access for a Do-It-Yourself Plan as well as outside resources
  • Part Five: How to use the Vendors you already have to provide safety and training for little, if any, cost
  • Part Six: How to use Safety & Compliance Programs to negotiate the best prices from your vendors and suppliers

YOUR TAKEAWAY– Develop a PLAN for identifying compliance areas at your facility. You can’t address what you don’t identify.

Whether you identify compliance items at your business or not in 2015 OSHA IS AHEAD for automotive businesses in Colorado!

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