Remote Customer Service Representative

Position Title: Remote Customer Service Representative

Reports to: Michael Graham, President of AutoRisk 

Location: Colorado

Position Summary: Assists in the production of new accounts and the retention of existing accounts. Provides prompt, efficient, high-quality service to designated accounts in support of Producer activities.



  1. Responsible for working assigned accounts sixty days prior to renewal and for delivering renewals and works on binders for designated accounts as needed – – – within three days of receipt.
  2. Review renewals to determine if non-standard policies can be rewritten in a standard program. Prepares rewrite applications for business through companies no longer represented at least 45 days prior to renewal. Submit all required renewal underwriting information.
  3. Maintain timely and thorough customer and carrier interactions to minimize the potential for errors & omissions claims and customer service issues.
  4. After reviewing updated client exposure information, obtain any additional needed or required renewal information from the insured and complete applications for designated renewal business sixty days before renewal date. Assists producer in the above process as needed.
  5. Receive and review all termination and cancellation notices or requests to determine appropriate action within 48 hours of receipt.
  6. If requested, assist clients in the claims reporting process.
  7. Document all material conversations with insureds and/or carriers per the operations manual.
  8. Maintains working knowledge of all insurance products, services offered by the agency.
  9. Offers to covert policies to EFT at renewal.
  10. Participates in the discussion and review of the current market situation of specific accounts.
  11. Performs underwriting functions whenever necessary to ensure classification and rating basis for new business and renewal policies are complete and accurate.
  12. Negotiates pricing, policy conditions, and terms with insurance markets. Reviews all quotations and provides recommendations as to the best option for price and coverage. Documents all conversations with insureds and carriers regarding the above.
  13. Provides client support for the Premium Audit Process, assisting in completing audit forms as needed and providing summaries to insureds to aid in their understanding of audit debit or credit premiums.

Applicants MUST have at least 2 years of experience working in P&C insurance.   Denver-based candidates would be eligible for W-2 employment + benefits.  Applicants in other U.S. locations would be considered for a 10-99 role (independent contractor, no benefits).


AutoRisk is an established and successful property and casualty agency niched in the automotive industry. We provide relevant insurance placement services, sensible risk management, safety and compliance services, and industry practice advice.


AutoRisk operates with autonomy and independence through utilizing technology to connect our staff and specialized providers to provide customized solutions to our clients. We have contracts with leading regional and national insurers and offer you a platform of resources and give you the tools and infrastructure to build your own success.

The use of technology enables domestic and foreign subcontractors to process new business quote requests, routine service requests, customer service requests and renewal support and processing. These services are provided on a “menu” approach, meaning you only pay for the services that you need and use. This saves serious money compared to the “old world” model of having an 8 am to 5 pm Customer Service staff, and as you start out you can service your own book to save cash flow.

We have a marketing platform and brand oriented around offering best-in-class service for “product placement services” (certificates of insurance, id cards and other routine customer service requests) and we go on to include “safety and compliance services” that meet OSHA requirements.

If you’re a highly independent, self-motivated individual with a proven track record of success in the insurance industry AND you’re seeking an opportunity to develop an insurance practice with rights of ownership, we want to hear from you!

Contact to learn more and apply!

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