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Types of Tow Insurance

Safeguarding your business

To ensure you’re not exposing yourself to unnecessary risks, make it a routine to obtain a copy of every potential employee’s motor vehicle report (MVR) before you hire them. This should be a standard best business practice for any type of towing operation, regardless of the type (salvage, recovery, impound, roadside assistance/motor clubs, repossessions, etc.). It is just as important to consistently keep a watchful on all hired drivers, and we strongly suggest that each driver provide their driver abstract during the employee annual review.

An easy way to see what’s on a potential hires MVR is by calling your insurer and asking them to run a report. To do this, you’ll need the person’s driver’s license number and date of birth (typically found on their job application). Depending on your state laws, the insurer may not be able to legally disclose the specific findings of the driving report, but inform you if the individual has a desirable or undesirable driving history.

Keep in mind that if you do opt to hire someone with a questionable driving history, your insurance carrier may decide to file a driver exclusion <image> form, prohibiting that individual from operating any company vehicles covered under your policy until which time specific infractions fall off the MVR. However, you must adhere to the exclusion. If you don’t, you’re putting your business and future insurability at risk.

Carefully screening employees and making well informed hiring decisions guarantees better insurance rates and greater long-term savings for your towing business.

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