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Cargo Coverage can be separate coverage for on hook, cargo is covered non-motorized vehicles like tool boxes or sheds.

Property of Others is the contents of what is in the trailer you are hauling.  If your driver gets into an accident while towing trailer and the trailer has an upset, everything inside is the owner’s responsibility.  Very important coverage, not all carriers offer this option.

Loss of Use:  Coverage that pays for a loss of income while a commercial vehicle (ie: garbage truck) is in the repair shop waiting for repairs. This exposure can become very expensive, so it is important to confirm the coverage and equally important to confirm the limits.




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There are in general two types of covered loss on a Tow Policy, property and liability.  When you are in an at fault accident, the liability portion of your policy will always respond to any bodily injury and property damaged incurred.

If any damage occurs to your tow truck while involved in an accident regardless of fault, then your equipment will be covered less your deductible.  This assumes you elected Physical Damage coverage on your policy, as this coverage is optional whereas liability coverage is regulated and required by the state.

Most tow operators are only concerned as they should be with the cost of the insurance. But what is overlooked is the importance for your agent to help on maintaining good prices over the long haul.  Sound claim management practices, promote safety classes and ongoing training, best in class hiring practices, having access to several top line carriers to keep the carriers competitive.

If you are looking for an agency that specialized in tow insurance, than you should strongly consider that agency experience.  AutoRisk has more experience when you up the years of all the employees than any agency in this state that is dedicated to the automotive marketplace.

AutoRisk has both top of the line management system along with the technology to stay ahead of the competition so your certificates, filings and ID cards are delivered on time.

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