What’s Covered by this Policy?


Covered Auto Liability Coverage provides a dealer with liability coverage related to the use and operation of autos in his dealer business. Should one of his customers not have coverage, it is also extended to their customers while operating the dealers auto (for example when the customer is test driving an auto) should the customer be uninsured. Should the loss result in litigation, the insurance company will also pay for defense expenses related to the claim.

Garagekeepers Coverage covered the damage caused to the auto owned by the dealer’s customer while in the dealer’s care, custody and control (for example an auto held on consignment for sale.)

Physical Damage “Open-Lot” Coverage affords coverage for damage to an auto owned by the dealer. It can either be comprehensive or for specified causes of loss.

General Liability Coverage provides coverage for risks of loss that an auto dealer is exposed to that are not related to ownership and operation of autos. This part covers bodily injury and property damage that results from an auto dealer’s operations. It also affords coverage for allegations of personal and advertising injury that the dealer may be responsible for. Lastly, it provides no fault coverage for medical payments should someone be injured on the premises of the dealer.

Acts Errors and Omissions Coverage affords coverage for any acts, errors or omissions related to failure to comply with disclosure laws, any acts related to the dealer serving as an insurance broker or a title defect in an auto sold by the dealer.

Business needs and suitability vary greatly, so as you explore special coverages needed by your business it will be important to work with a professional experienced with working with Auto Dealers. Our team has over 55 years of combined experience working with businesses that require coverage for Auto Dealer risks, as well as the specific needs of auto dealers. We also understand that protecting your business requires more than an insurance policy. Our specialization allows us to create safety and compliance programs which are relevant to any business in the automotive industry, and the specialization allows us to create loss prevention solutions that are equally relevant.

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