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Cars can often feel like second homes for many busy Americans. But just because you feel safe traveling in your personal bubble, it doesn’t mean you always have everything you need. Travel can be unpredictable, and you never know how far you’ll be from a repair shop or gas station should trouble occur. 
Build Your Own Traveling Auto Repair Shop

Always check your car’s fluids and tire pressure before hitting the road, and make sure you’re prepared in case an issue arises while traveling. Items such as extra oil, antifreeze and tire changing supplies can help get you back on track quickly in a pinch. It’s also smart to keep jumper cables, a gas can and a basic tool set in the trunk.

Create a Safety Stash

You never know when or where an emergency may occur, so having a first-aid kit and fire extinguisher on hand is always a good idea. It also pays to keep a multipurpose tool, a phone charger and a flashlight with extra batteries among your glove box essentials.

Pack an Emergency Picnic

A few bottles of water and nonperishable snacks can help tide you over until help arrives should you ever find yourself temporarily stranded. It’s also a good idea to pack a blanket in your trunk. Not only could you use this for an impromptu picnic, but it could also keep you warm in inclement weather or serve as a seat cover for wet pets and passengers.

Hopefully you’ll never need them, but keeping these handy items nearby will help you be prepared for whatever you encounter on the road.

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